Rapid Planning

Rapid Planning – Sustainable Infrastructure, Environmental and Resource Management

Rapid Planning is an action-oriented research project that has been developed and is funded under the umbrella of the Future Megacities Research Program of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). It seeks to develop a rapid trans-sectoral urban planning methodology, specifically targeting supply and disposal infrastructure. The service sectors covered by the project include energy, water, waste water/sanitation, solid waste and urban agriculture/food.

Rapid Planning is a global project. That means that it features the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab States, South East Asia and Europe, represented by Frankfurt as a reference city. The tangible product of this project is a rapid trans-sectoral planning methodology for supply and disposal infrastructure. It allows planning rapidly, but also cost effectively. It helps cities to improve resource efficiency and to improve access to urban basic services. Moreover, Rapid Planning will support the effort of planned city extension and planned city infill development by informing the process from the point of infrastructure planning and development.

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